34 Seconds of Anxiety: Feedback

Music Note Bokeh
“Music Note Bokeh” by all that improbable blue is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

My Song

34 Seconds of Anxiety


The song is rather short, as my goal was to make something that I thought sounded good and end it there since we were only given 10 days to do the assignment. I came up with my logline after writing my lyrics, and it’s “A person falls back down into a depression, but decides not to question why, and accepts it”


The questions I have for the listeners are as follows:

  • What about it sounded pleasant, if it was all bad, why?
  • What about it sounded unpleasant or unrefined?
  • What would you change about the song given the chance

Any harsh or blunt criticisms are welcome! Tear me apart!


The class responded well to the song and thought it sounded good, the majority of them, however, had mixed feelings about the auto-tune I added to the song. One individual stated that they really liked the autotune and another thought the ending of the song was particularly pleasant.

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