GPREP: Week 3

Computer keyboard
“Computer keyboard” by is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

GPREP stands for “Goal, Plan, Research & Evidence Post”


My goal for week 3 was to learn about the basics of song structure


The resource I chose was a video by Holistic Songwriting

Evidence of Skill

This video has a surprisingly large amount of info for what little time it takes to watch. I collected all the information into notes:

  • A basic song structure is Intro-Verse-(Pre)-Chorus-Verse-(Pre)-Chorus-Bridge-Chorus
  • Make your choruses grander by making your verses less so
  • You can make your choruses grander by
    • Changing the Dynamic and Arrangement (Ex: Adding/Subtracting an Instrument)
    • Changing the Pitch (Ex: Making the chorus higher and the verse lower)
    • Changing the lyrics (Ex: Having the chorus be less plentiful in words than the verse
  • Limitations are great for creativity
  • Give special attention to when tracks enter and exit a song
  • For a beginner write in a standard rock set up: (below)
VocalsVocalsHits high notessame as V1same as C1same as C1
KeyboardRiff/HookChordssame as V1same as C1New chordssame as C1
BassLong Notes8th1/4 Notessame as C1Follow harmonysame as C1
Drums Kick DrumAdd snare/crashHihatsame as C1Ridesame as C1


There is no feedback to give because I haven’t created anything.